Core Team


Narendra C. Maher

Managing Director

At the helm of affairs of AFPL, is Mr. Narendra C Maher. A self made professional, he is a born leader, with more than 40 years of experience in the Indian Real Estate market. This translates into projects delivered, under development & planning covering to more than Six Million Sq. ft. His core competence expands over a range of areas which include strategic land acquisitions, Aesthetic Developments giving value for money, Project Planning and scheduling and Project Financing. Behind all these lie his unassuming individual self with a Bachelors Degree in commerce, on which he has built his expertise.

He is blessed with the acumen to identify potential locations and to see the opportunities therein where none apparently pre-exist. His courage to take on the untrodden path and the determination to see his vision through to fruition is a rare quality that has been the strength behind all his achievements.

He is the back bone of the organization and an effective leader that vibrantly transforms the team into a fully motivated one which thus acts in unison.

Mahendra K. Maher


He manages group of companies which are engaged in distribution of household products such as water heaters, utensils, mixies, plastic wares and consumer electronics products throughout South India. He helps provide a fresh perspective to the operations.

S. Prasan Chand Jain


A Director of the Sugal & Damani Group which is engaged in diverse activities such as on-line lotteries, information technology, travel and tourism, Jewellery showroom, share and commodity broking, real estate, warehousing, hospitality industry, education etc. A Commerce Graduate he directly oversees the on-line lottery business of the group in India as well as in other countries, since over 20 years.

S. Vinodh Kumar


He manages the share and commodities broking business of the Sugal & Damani Group. He has been instrumental in achieving high turnover volumes in the share broking company. He has experience of over 15 years in the share broking business. He has a unique expertise in managing diverse business ventures. A Commerce Graduate, he has a keen interest in real estate sector and is actively involved in the planning of various projects of the company.

Siddharth N. Maher


He is directly involved in the day-to-day implementation of all the projects of AFPL. He possesses expertise in planning and construction of residential and commercial projects involving different complexities. A Graduate of Corporate Secretary ship – B.A, C.S., he has experience of over 15 years in the real estate sector. He also heads the crucial marketing function at the group, and has had successes with both residential as well as commercial project of the group.

He has experience in a diverse range of construction projects viz. health clubs, independent bungalows, retail show rooms, fitness centres etc. In the past, he also has been involved in the cost effective imports of household products such as ceramic tiles, false ceilings etc.